Awakenings: New Year's Resolutions with Herbalist Amanda Furbee

Finding the words to say about a past year are not always the simplest to come up with or define. Each year we grow more into the person we want or hope to be. Our goals and perceptions may differ and shift like the ebb and flow of the sea, but growth is exponential and inevitable. When change becomes our strength and we learn to excel and be humbled at our weakness we are growing. I have always felt that when we stop growing we start dying. Whether or not those are facts or not, this is just what my intuition keeps showing me. The older I get the more I want to trust and listen to my own intuition. I am still shocked and humbled when I listen to my intuition and it's right. Maybe that is something that we never can fully grasp, but only learn to trust more in powers greater than our own. 2017 knocked the socks off of so many people that I know. Including myself. Just completely uprooted the ground we walked on. However, in the process of losing solid structure, as we knew it, we started to cocoon and then learned how to fly. I am grateful to live in an awakening society. I am grateful to make herbal medicine and help re-educate every curious mind about the beauty of plant medicine. On my list of 37 things to learn this year, remembering to always use my voice with love is high on the priority. I often think about who I am and what my roll in our community is. I don’t have all those answers, but yet I know that whatever I do, if I do it with love then it can't be a wrong decision. Many blessings to you, Thank you for walking this journey with us at The Herb Shoppe. We hope to always be a beacon of safety, growth, education and love in any community we may be a part of. May 2018 bless us with all the great gifts of wisdom, love, laughter and abundance. Happy cocooning! To set up an herbal consultation with me email:

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