Astrology Forecast: July 2016 Serene Solstice

Serene Solstice Happy Birthday to the Moon Child Cancers! Cancer is ruled by the Moon and like the moon, this is a great time to be reflective and changeable. Spend some time looking back at the first half of the year and the progress you have made, no matter how substantial that progress may have been. The New Moon in Cancer on July 4th is a good opportunity to sit down and write or journal some of your goals. Because Cancer is such a nurturing and protective sign, you might choose some Cancer-esque goals. Examples include working on emotional growth and self-esteem, improving relationships with others and planning home improvements and security. For many of us Summer is a busy time filled with grand excursions and new experiences. For others, it’s a chance to relax and spend more time in solitude. Whatever your core nature, life might seem pretty stagnant this month until we hit August. At that time Mars will station direct and we could concentrate on being more honest, direct, and assertive. But enjoy the serene energy of July. Especially for this particular election year, the next six months are sure to be riveting! Plants to try: This month, work with some herbs which work closely with the stomach such as Marshmallow root, Skullcap, and Ginger.

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