Astrology Forecast October 2016: Collaboration

October 2016: Collaboration October is a good time to take inventory of your space and finalize all of the half-finished, energy sucking projects lying around. Give them away, rid them away, or simply finish them! This is true of the people around you as well. Feel free to let go of the relationships which no longer serve you while cultivating a few new positive connections. When Jupiter took a transit into Libra last month, we entered into a full year of emphasis on teamwork and discovery of where you and your talents may fit best into the group. This is especially true this month, so celebrate these collaborations and enjoy the fellowship ya’ll! Plants to Try: Libra time is also all about the adrenals and the kidneys. You may want to work with Uva-Ursi (for healthy kidney and bladder support), Peppermint (for a cooling stimulating affect), Violet and Burdock (for blood purification)

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