Astrology Forecast November 2016: Persist

November 2016: Persist With this bizarre presidential election coming to an end, the Standing Rock momentum building, and coming fresh into a Scorpio New Moon, everything may seem a bit tense. Scorpio time can be one of great depth so don’t be surprised if you are contemplating important decisions about your future. Take responsibility for what you value and persisting towards it! But also look inward, and decide which characters and activities in your life are draining you. Then, on the 9th Mars enters Aquarius (a great time to shape your future and your vision) and once we pass the Supermoon on the 14th, things should start to lighten up. Keep in mind that often the best way to deal is not to take it all so seriously and to utilize your sense of humor! Herbs to Try: The best herbs for Scorpio time are ones which are cleansing and antiseptic and stimulate the glandular system. Try Horehound (for deep breathing), Blessed Thistle and Wormwood (for their bitter qualities). Mix with some sweet roots like Marshmallow and Licorice!

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