Astrology Forecast: August 2016 Leo Fire

Leo Fire Right when we desperately need it we enter into a time of faith, optimism and desire with the new moon in Leo on August 2nd. She brings a dignified energy which has the power to hand us back the confidence and enthusiasm we may be lacking. The Leo fire and the child-like energy within us is awakened during this time. The first weekend in August is an excellent time for people organizing and social events. Expect some folks around you to let their guard down and open up more than usual. Your fairly quiet coworker or the random person in line to get coffee might seem extra chatty with you these next couple of weeks. Remember that this is all with good intention and an overall excitement for life! Cheesy grins will be the norm in August so continue to SOAK IT IN! Furthermore, in the tail end of August, Mercury will station retrograde again and communication may be on the rocks through September 22nd so plan accordingly and take care of contracts and major business matter before the 30th. Plants to try in August: Eyebright for eye health and eye inflammation (internally and as an eye wash), St. John’s Wort to aid with any lingering stress and tension (tea and tincture) and Agrimony for a sense of overall harmony and a deeper connection with one’s self (herb or flower essence)

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