Astrology Forecast: June 2017 Be Present

Spiraling away from last week's Gemini New Moon, the first days of June have contained a great deal of momentum and movement for most of us. Gemini season, ruled by Mercury, is all about communication and with the Summer Solstice right around the corner, this is a wonderful time to get out there and flourish! I only advocate that you remain present throughout these next few weeks and remind yourself that time waits for no one! Go for a long walk with your dog. Scratch your cat's back (my cat pictured here!). Gather with friends to pick berries. Lead with your heart. Try to see the big picture, and most of all, be present. This Friday, June 9th, we reach a Full Moon in Sagittarius known as the Full Strawberry Moon or the Full Rose Moon. It would be a great Moon for ceremony or a spiritual experience of sorts. A moment to bring it all up. Acknowledge your anxiety and your doubts. Let your fears have some air and process as much as you can in these middle moments of June. Later in the month we could feel highly sensitive as the New Moon in Cancer glides in behind the Solstice. If you find you are wanting to put guards back up in retreat, go for it! If you feel secure, embrace this water energy and take a float down the river, head to the coast, or to the hot springs. Either route, you have the ability to shape your emotions into a powerful tool this month. Embody it by going with the flow and maintaining attention and a present mind. Take Care! Plants to try: Damiana (to help plant you in your wildness), Skullcap (for complaints arising from nervous excitability), and Lavender (under the rulership of Mercury and Gemini)

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