Astrology Forecast: July 2017 Compassion and Commitment

Half way through the calendar year and it has been a destructive one in many ways. As an individual, a community, a nation, a planet, I am both ashamed of my Country and determined to persist against the corrosive tempers and display compassion. The latter seems easier this time of year as Summer is showing her exuberance. The Sun has been sticking around late and the moon tiptoes out early in the day. We are all likely experiencing more abundance in our daily routines, yes? Maybe you are surrounded by the elements in the Columbia River Gorge--colors and wildlife are plentiful. Or maybe your friends and activities have increased significantly. However you are in abundance, acknowledge that others might experience these increases on the opposite ends of the spectrum and that compassion is so often the solution! We begin the month with the Waxing Moon in the powerfully emotional Cancer season. Water reigns and moods swing are plentiful through the weekend. You may need to show extra empathy and hug it out a lot these next couple of days. Then a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 9th only enhances these opposite expressions as it highlights all of the polarities in your life. Take these increased emotions, spiral them down like roots and turn them into a new commitment. Something to Devote yourself to the next 6 months. Finally, on July 23rd a New Moon in Leo uplifts us! From water to fire we are sent into the hottest months of the year. Take that new commitment, feed it with more compassion and light it on fire baby! You are not stuck! Plants to try: Chickweed (for extra minerals), Sage leaf (cold infusion for cooling down), Peppermint (for soothing the digestive system)

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