Astrology Forecast: February 2017 You are a Child of the Universe

Although we still have a few weeks until the Spring Equinox, the season is well on her way! The Aquarian Air energy unlocks our willful, free spirited self and suddenly you may feel as though you are budding with fresh motivation and new inspirations! This is great, we are going to need this energy for the road ahead! However, powerful emotions could also be felt under the Aquarian moon so be extra cautious not to make important decisions while under a blanket of emotion. Mars shifts into the sign of Aries (until April) which will help trend momentum upwards and hopefully balance the scale. On February 1oth we experience a Luner Eclipse when the Sun is opposite the Moon and our Earth's shadow replaces her light. The situation, although dark in nature, should actually shed some optimism and brilliance onto our path. If you are an artist, this is a wonderful time to CREATE! Our country needs more beauty now than ever. But ultimately, Plant Lovers, remember to take care of YOU this month. If you are feeling overwhelmed, do some self-care and gift yourself kudos for simply BEING! If aim to take good care of ourselves, we are better equipped to care for others and better equipped to take on these larger issues from the inside out. Whatever race, gender, age, sexuality, nationality, religion you are, you are A CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE and you are so LOVED! Plants to Try: blue vervain (for mental and physical exhaustion), motherwort (to restore blood vessel in the heart), willow (to celebrate yin energy), valerian (to help quite the nerves), and clove (for warmth)

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