Astrology Forecast: April 2017 Remain Malleable

With FIVE planets stationed retrograde by the end of April (Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter), you will likely feel the heat and frustration coming from the folks and the situations around you. But as long as you remain malleable and kind in your interactions, you'll reign flametender up through the Beltane! Aim not to fight your natural instincts but to enjoy the fiery season of Aries! The herbs of Mars (planetary ruler of Aries), also being fiery, will help in some cases on the principal that fire will drive out fire by consuming everything inflammable. Other times, like when the individual has a HOT constitution themselves, soothing Venus herbs or cooling and contracting Saturnine herbs would be better. Use your intuition this month and try not to overheat yourself, your family or your clients. With all this extra fire expect to spend time this month reflecting on old artistic works, old lovers, and old projects once abandoned. Some of these you may decide to dive back into and tie up any lose ends, others you might simply resolve with a journal. Whatever you do, keep your balance, allow extra time, and double check your work as is usual with a Mercury Retrograde (beginning April 9th). The New Moon in Taurus on the 26th is when we will first begin to see the things we manifested on the Equinox rising up to fruition! Stay flexible, keep your balance, and try to channel your momentum so that when all these planets advance direct you are ready to make some major moves! Plants to consider: Nettle (will check the flow of blood) Feverfew (to alleviate and prevent headaches), Cayenne (excellent cure for nosebleeds), Blessed Thistle (to help clear the blood), and Calendula (as a solid lymphagogue)

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