Astrology Forecast: 2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster

The Year of the Fire Rooster! Here we are at the beginning of a new year again! Saying Goodbye to a year that many are eager to be rid of. If the 2016 chapter was an abstract staccato, 2017 will, in the very least, stick to the beat. The Year of the Fire Rooster will no doubt be filled with its own share of surprises and could gradually crescendo near the end of the year. I predict that people everywhere will take these fired up feelings, organize them, share skills and begin to consciously create their future. This New Year is the perfect time for Fresh Starts and New Chances. Stand in a power pose and feel the momentum building. After this, write down your future and shower it in left over New Year's confetti (but not really, Confetti and Glitter are usually manufactured with plastic and wreak havoc on the environment!) Saturn is the planetary ruler of those born when the Sun is in Capricorn (December 22nd-January 20th) and these folks tend to display characteristics of Ambition, Diplomacy and tact. It may be best to continue manifesting and set intentions through the first week of the month while keeping in mind you may get a slow start to your New Year's Resolutions. On January 8th, Mercury will finally turn direct again and it is now that we see a multitude of days filled with opportunity to bring positive change into our lives! Plants to try: Comfrey Root (excellent remedy for ruptures and skin complaints), Horsetail (for it's high levels of Silica), Thuja Oil (topically for skin irritations), and Shepard's Purse (as an astringent in times of heavy bleeding).

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