A Word with Dr. Ose Okojie, ND

The human body is extremely resilient and this is especially true with children. Their bodies are getting used to a new environment, they are leaving the comfort and care of their Mother's tummy and managing the stresses of the outside world. Their immune systems are very sensitive and ready to sound the alarm on any disturbance. It is imperative as practitioners, parents, and caregivers that we allow their systems to mature and grow during this critical phase. I recently was working with a precocious 7 year old that had a bleeding puss filled ear infection. Not wanting her daughter to take the prescribed antibiotics, her Mom brought her to me. After careful evaluation, we implemented a strict dietary and herbal regimen that consisted of an onion poultice, fruit flavored elderberry and a customized herbal tincture. Two days and three tantrums later, the little lady was back in action and her ear infection was COMPLETELY resolved. This just further strengthened my conviction about the healing power of nature and trust in the human body. It is important to view symptoms as warning signals rather than nuisances that must be stopped at all costs. Often times these symptoms are a result of a healthy and working immune system and we must continue to support that in a logical and holistic way, especially for our little ones.

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